Stefan Esser, the developer of the Jailbreak community known as “i0n1c” just posted on his Twitter profile a photo in which you contend states managed to achieve Jailbreak in version 8.4 Beta 1 of iOS. No doubt great news if we consider that the jailbreak has stagnated in version 8.1.2 several months, this news is very welcome.

Many heard rumors about Jailbreak for iOS 8.3, however, there has been no real novelty about it, not a single hint of piracy. The most significant news we have about this is this screenshot that “i0n1c” has risen to his Twitter account, which will bring us good news and bad news at the same time as hacker could say that this is “worse” than I could have it done, it is very unlikely that i0n1c publicly launched a tool to jailbreak our devices.

However, what matters is the fact that it is possible, what will the rest of hackers to work more forcefully if possible, or at least more hopeful. The jailbreak community has been having its ups and downs lately, and although the appearance of Taig has greatly facilitated things, poor motivation that he sees Saurik (the most famous and active Jailbreaker) seems to weigh much the community.

On the other hand, since you’ll have iPhone News informed at all times about the possible Jailbreak for iOS 8.4, but what else can benefit in any case is that it somehow affects the current version of iOS and not the beta iOS 8.4 as the current version would reach a far larger number of users and those less advanced Users who are not fans betas installed on the device.

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