Jailbreak iOS 9 updated Troubleshooting



Pangu 9 Jailbreak iOS 9 was released few days ago and already received the first update.  Pangu Team was responsible for the Jailbreak latter , and they got it in record time. In less than a month, this group of Chinese hackers managed to break the defenses of iOS 9, a version that a whole fortress was believed, but eventually dropped as so many. Many of us have already ventured to install, but the first version had some bugs that have been solved in this update. Now Jailbreak process should be more stable and offer higher for those who were experiencing problems success rate. If you tried to jailbreak but an error prevented it to you, you can try again with Pangu 1.0.1, the new version was recently launched by Pangu.

It is common that there are problems in the first days after the launch of a new Jailbreak, why you should not frustrate you if something unexpected happens. Yesterday, we wrote an article about how to fix the most common to do the Jailbreak iOS 9 issues, but now that has come Pangu 1.0.1, many of them should disappear. The update has been published on the official website of Pangu and weighs 73 Mb, exactly the same as the first installment of this tool. Among the issues addressed 0A is the annoying bug that has affected many users who tried the first Jailbreak. It also solves the bug that prevented some Pangu to run on PC and improve the success rate in the last stage of Jailbreak, when files are injected. Last but not least, this new version ensures that Pangu app that is installed in the terminal during the Jailbreak is eliminated completely when done.

It is still possible to come across an error, but if you follow all the recommendations should be no problems. We recall that before attempting to jailbreak iOS 9 Pangu, you disable Find My iPhone from the Settings menu – iCloud. You also have to deactivate the lock code and TouchID and finally turn on airplane mode to block all connections. Moreover, it is not mandatory, but strongly recommended that you make the process after restoring the phone. First of all keep a backup, then restore the factory settings, do the Jailbreak and finally we pour copy all the data. If you follow these steps you get rid of the mistakes most practical and you can install the Jailbreak in minutes.
If you’ve already installed the Jailbreak with Pangu you do not have to do anything, but if you did not because it was causing problems, try again and make sure Pangu 1.0.1 meet all requirements and we have a jailbreak tutorial to get you going with this process:

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