Jailbreak iPhone 3G/3GS On iOS 4.0 and iPod touch 2G With Sn0wbreeze [Windows]


The brand new model has simply been revealed Sn0wbreeze (V1.6.1) and permits the Jailbreak Firmware four.zero. Right here’s a snappy information that can assist you begin the Jailbeak this new firmware for the iPhone 3G/3GS on Windows OS (aside from fashions with the brand new iBoot, and already jailbroken however now not Spirit)) and the iPod touch 2G (no longer MC ).


Step 1. Sn0wbreeze Launch (we remind users of Windows Vista and seven7 need to run the application in Administrator modefor this right click on mouse -> property -> compatibility tab -> check the box below “perform” what program as administrator “) and connect your iphone / ipod to your PC. the first image is displayed:

Step 2. Click on the arrow to advance to the next step. We now have to choose between Easy and Expert mode. Select ‘ Simple Mode “and click on the arrow to continue.


Step 3. At this point we must choose the Firmware to select, then click ” Browse “, find the firmware that you previously downloaded and click Open. The software will automatically select the device according to jailbreak firmware selected. click Next.


Step 4. At this point, if you make a jailbreak for the iPhone, the application asks if you want to activate your iPhone:

Step 5. Click Start to proceed with the creation of custom firmware


Step 6. The application requires a few minutes to create the custom firmware, then close the software.


Step 7. Then, turn off, restart Snn0wbreeze, click Help, then click the “DFU Mode” to activate the manual mode to enter DFU: Even if you know how to do it, do it by following these instructions, do me if you want to avoid errors d uring the restore firmware is better!


Step 8. Open iTunes and you’ll see a warning message that tells you that you have connected an iPhone in recovery mode, click OK and continue.

Step 9. Simultaneously press the ALT and SHIFT keys on your keyboard and smiled with the RESTORE button in iTunes.

Step 10. A small window opens, and you will only have to select the custom 4.0 firmware that you created and go!

Step 11. We finished!  Now you have a firmware iPhone / iPod updated to the latest version (3.1.3) If you have any questions before you start or if you have any problems, leave a comment! Fix The Errors 16xx iTunes 1600 : Error when you’re in DFU mode, iTunes refuses food because the servers have detected that something was wrong with this firmware! IREB is there to override this error so if for example you have an iPhone 3G launch Ireb quit iTunes and click on “iPhone 3G” then click “open iTunes” Unfortunately IREB for iPhone 3G is under developm ent and is therefore not yet available In 1604 : Error when you are online restores “logo iTunes + USB cable to the screen. As for the error 1600 that requires Ireb!

Download iTunes 9.2 for Windows and Mac OS X

Download iOS 4 for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod touch(links)


.NET Framework 3.5 (required to run Sn0wbreeze) Download Sn0wbreeze 1.6 / 1.6.1 for 4.0 (Windows Only)[Fast Mirror link] Download IREB for errors 16xx .

Disclaimer: This guide is for testing & educational purposes only. Follow it on your own risk. I’m not responsible for any loss of important data or malfunctioning of your iPhone.

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