Jailbreak iPhone 3G/3GS iOS four.1 with PwnageTool on a Mac


Considering few days the iOS 4.1 Firmware  is available for download. For the moment the Dev-Team has not updated its software PwnageTool. Criminal90 a site members iSpazio changed PwnageTool to make it compatible with this firmware. Here is a tutorial for Jailbrekaer the iPhone 3G. (here for the iPod To
uch 2G Not MC)

jailbreak iphone 3g


1. Run the modified version of PwnageTool and connect your iPhone via USB. A window will open with pop-up copyright, click OK.

2. Click the Expert Mode, then select your device. Finally, click on the blue arrow to continue.

jailbreak iphone 3g

3. Pwnage Tool searches the firmwares you have on your hard drive … Select, if he does not find him enter the path where you saved it on your Mac and select it. Then click continue.

Pwnagetool not find the firmware : If you can not find it because the firmware by downloading your download manager to change the extension to ZIP IPSW firmware simply rename the extension IPSW.


4. At this point, click on “general” and start customizing:

jailbreak iphone 3g

5. Here do nothing (leave unchecked “activate iPhone” if you have an iPhone French). click Next.

jailbreak iphone 3g

7. In the new window with the parameters BootNeuter not touch anything. Next click su

8. A new window appears. You can now pre-install applications and / or sources available in Cydia directly into your FW Personally I installed all my sources in this way is much more convenient than installing them one by one after. I also installed “OpenSSH” which lets you connect to your iPhone via SSH.

Click “Download Packages” then “Update” appear to see the list of apps and sources available.Then you simply double-click the file you want to download.

Then he’ll just go back to the first tab “Select Packages” and select what you just downloaded to install.

Once you’ve made your small market, click continue …

iphone 3g

9. Choose here “Cydia”. This is software that will allow to install third party applications (Unofficial), themes, and many other things.

jailbreak iphone 3g

10. Here you can choose your logo from “Start” and “Restoration”. Your pictures should be up to 320 × 480 pixels, they must be in. Png format and must be more than 100K. Click on Browse and select your image.

jailbreak iphone 3g

11. You just have to click on “Generate” and continue to launch construction Firmware

By default, the FW will be saved on the desktop, leave it at that location.

jailbreak iphone 3g

Pwnage Tool will ask for the password of your Mac, enter and wait …

12. Pwnage Tool now ask you if you have already installed a custom firmware on your iPhone or not, I advise you in all cases to “No”. Thus Pwnage Tool will guide you through the process of transition in DFU mode. Even if you know how to do it, do so by following these instructions, believe me if you want to avoid errors during the restore firmware is better!


13. Connect your iPhone and follow the instructions …

jailbreak iphone 3g

PwnageTool will tell you if you have managed to put the device in DFU mode. If this is not the case you can try again by clicking on yes and re-igniting your iPhone.

14. Open iTunes and you’ll see the message:

jailbreak iphone 3g os 3.1 (26)

15. Click OK and then the ALT key (Options) on your keyboard and mouse simultaneously with the Restore button in iTunes.

And now it’s over! Your iPhone will reboot …

We finished! Now you have a firmware iPhone / iPod updated with the latest version of IOS, and moreover it is jailbroken with Cydia. Once you launch Cydia, choose “Developer – no filters”

If Error 1600: Reboot your iPhone into restore mode:

  • HOME + POWER until the appearance of the apple, then keeping HOME logo appears only to iTunes and USB “
  • Then restore your custom firmware and it works

If Error 1604: Just leave the iPhone in its report when the crash error 1604.

You close it and relaunch iTunes and then we start handling, the iPhone displays a screen completely black and not the iTunes logo and then the restoration should work!

Now let iTunes work!

When you open Cydia for the first time, the application does not contain any sources. Add the source: apt.saurik.com/cydia-3.7 without paying attention to errors. When restart Cydia, logo respawn and all the usual sources.

If you experience crashes with Safari Mobile, install the source http://repo.woowiz.net and install Safari fix


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