The Dev-team has to make to be had the newest model of the instrument Jailbreak PwnageTool to jailbreak Phone 3G outfitted with Firmware Beta four. After the academic for the iPhone 3G, here’s a information for set up on the iPhone 3G.

To put in it, it’s crucial to have a bunch UDID valid
1 / Replace File Cydia:

Due to a bug in PwnageTool is necessary to extract the package from Cydia RedSn0w 0.9.5 Beta 4 and then reinjected into the PwnageTool.

1. Extract RedSnow on your desktop by clicking it. The application icon will appear.

2. Then, right click on the icon and select ” Show package contents”. Do the same with PwnageTool (step 1 and 2).

3. Put the two windows open at odds odds.

4. In ResdSn0w window, go to the folder Contents / MacOS, then unzip Cydia.tar.gzby cli
cking. You get a folder called ” Cydia”.
5. Now in the window of PwnageTool, go to the folder Contents / Resources / CustomPackages, then right click on CydiaInstaller.bundle and press ” Show package contents”.
6. You will now take the case of Cydia RedSn0w (given in Section 4), and you’re going to put all that inside the folder Cydia PwnageTool you just opened (in Part 5).

7. Close all windows, it’s over for this part!

2 / Jailbreak iPhone 3G:

1. Run PwnageTool and connect your iPhone via USB. A window will open with pop-up copyright, click OK.
2. Click the Expert Mode, then select your device. Finally, click on the blue arrow to continue.
3. Pwnage Tool searches the firmwares you have on your hard drive … Select, if he does not find him enter the path where you saved it on your Mac and select it. Then click continue.
4. At this point, click on “general” and start customizing:


5. Here you can choose the size of the partition system, put there to 550Mo. You can save more if you want but it is not necessary! You must also, and especially whether or not you want to activate your iPhone. If you have an iPhone Official Orange TICK DO NOT EVEN “activate iPhone”! However, if you own an iPhone unofficial (eg an iPhone v1 U.S.) remember to check. Do not check “Update firmware radio” (here is an old image)
7. Here the same tick that box on the diagram

For iPhone v1 Official Orange do not check anything. Unless you want désimlocker.

For iPhone unofficial check “Patching the bootloader,” Désimlockage “and” Remove automatically If you want to update the BootLoader, you should also specify where you saved the downloaded bootloaders 3.9 and 4.6 at the beginning!

8. You can now pre-install applications and / or sources available in Cydia directly into your FW Personally I installed all my sources in this way is much more convenient than the one installed by a after. I also installed “OpenSSH” which
lets you connect to your iPhone via SSH.

Click “Download Packages” then “Update” appear to see the list of apps and sources available. Then simply double click on the desired file to download.

Then he’ll just go back to the first tab “Select Packages” and select what you just downloaded to install.

Once you’ve made your small market, click continue …

9. Select here “Cydia” and / or “Icy”. This is software that will allow to install third party applications (Unofficial), themes, and many other things.

10. Here you can choose your logo from “Start” and “Restoration”. Your pictures should be up to 320 × 480 pixels, they must be in. Png format and must be more than 100K.Click on Browse and select your image.

11. You just have to click on “Generate” and then continue to start construction Firmware

By default, the FW will be saved on th
e desktop, leave it at that location.

Pwnage Tool will ask for the password of your Mac, enter and wait …

12. Pwnage Tool now ask you if you have already installed a custom firmware on your iPhone or not, I advise you in all cases to “No”. Thus Pwnage Tool will guide you through the process of transition in DFU mode. Even if you know how to do it, do so by following these instructions, believe me if you want to avoid errors during the restore firmware is better!

13. Connect your iPhone and follow the instructions …

Turn off the iPhone …

You 5s to prepare you press Home + Power button simultaneously …

Once the countdown ends, press simultaneously on Home + Power over 10s. Then he tells you to prepare for not releasing the Power button at the end of the 10s …

Unleash the Power button and hold the Home button pressed for
another 10 seconds then release it when the countdown is over …

PwnageTool will tell you if you have managed to put the device in DFU mode. If this is not the case you can try again by clicking on yes and re-igniting your iPhone.

14. Open iTunes and you’ll see the message:

15. Click OK and then the ALT key (Options) on your keyboard and mouse simultaneously with the Restore button in iTunes.

And we go for ten minutes!

And now it’s over! Your iPhone will reboot …

We finished! Now you have a firmware iPhone / iPod updated to the latest beta firmware 4.0, and moreover it is jailbroken with Cydia. Once you launch Cydia, choose “Developer – No filters»

If you have any questions before you start or if you have any problems, leave a comment!

We will not be help responsible for anything that might happen to your device. But do not worry if something goes wrong you can always return to origins settings by restoring with the official firmware.

Download and Requirements:

Download the Firmware 4.0 Beta 4 that corresponds to your device by following this link.

Have an iPhone 3G (only with old iBoot) Jailbreak 3.1.3 with Spirit

MAC OS X 10.5 / 10.6

Obtain PwnageTool

Obtain RedSn0w zero.9.5 beta four

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