Jailbreak is legal, but only for the iPhone



Modification of the iPad iOS firmware, unfortunately, is not a legitimate action in accordance with the new amendments, listed on a Copyright Law in the Digital Age (DCMA). Earlier operation of opening up access to the file system for iOS-like devices were completely legal for all devices Apple. It was indicated very clearly in the exceptions to the Act. However, more recently the list of most exemptions expired due to expiration. The list has been revised, but this time with a very significant reservations …

In general, the jailbreak has never been illegal operation. There are some points about what can Apple do with jailbreakers, if he wants. But no more. But according to the new rules, jailbreaking is legal, but only for the iPhone. For the iPad, which is, by definition, a tablet computer, register of copyrights (responsible for drawing up the list of the very exceptions DCMA) found an exception impossible. The reason – the term “tablet” is too broad in terms of value, to expose its regulation. “Register of Copyright has not made tablet computers to the list of exceptions, for which operation jailbreaking is legal and legitimate.

The concept of “tablet” covers too large a range of devices, despite the strong and significant differences in format and functionality of these devices, and software applications that run on these devices is possible. For example, the e-book completely falls under the term “tablet”, as well as a portable game console or laptop. ” Unlocking the smartphone to be able to use the SIM-card is more than one operator was also illegal. After 6 years of impunity in these actions the operation is now banned. Of course, these restrictions are very weak influence on Russian jailbreakers and unlockers, but purely for reference, this information will be very useful for domestic users idevices. It is quite possible that these prohibitions and laws ever reach.

To be honest, for U.S. users iPhone or iPad, these laws will not bring any considerable inconvenience too. As they say thence jailbreakers, differentiation on the illegality and legality of jailbreaking iPad iPhone is devoid of logic. And on the court, even if that takes place, the plaintiff would be extremely difficult to prove something.[ArsTechnica]

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