Nintendo Switch is having a spectacular sales in its first release day, as with any console, not only attracts fans of Nintendo and Zelda, but hackers, developers and security researchers are also interested in what Is able to make the game console of the Japanese.

When we talk about Jailbreak is associated directly with iOS, as this is the process by which you can remove the limitations of Apple’s operating system, and can modify it to a level that is not possible by default. Well, Italian developer Luca Todesco has posted on Twitter an image with his Nintendo Switch running the jbme exploit.

At the moment this does not mean much because Todesco has not given more details, but it must be taken into account that the Nintendo Switch is only a few days old and there is still no community formed on modifications that allow exploiting the potential of the console beyond The native game modes.


Recall that Nintendo wants to focus the experience of the Switch in the games, but this will not stop the more ‘handy’ users to get their hands on the system, modify it and allow it to run applications and functions away from the official.Users agree on Nintendo has done a good job of optimizing the Switch, the system is very fluid.

Thus, the ‘jailbreak for the Nintendo Switch’ announced by the developer has no impact for end users, but it is the beginning of the investigation to take advantage of system vulnerabilities that give rise to homebrew in a future, ie home software Created by other developers that would allow to run in the console applications of other type, games of other consoles or tools miscellaneous.

The Nintendo Switch does not currently have external service applications to Nintendo, but the President of Nintendo America confirmed a few days ago that they are in talks with Netflix and Amazon to bring the multimedia applications to the console.

(Source: @qwertyoruiopz [Twitter])

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