Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 iOS 5.zero / 5.zero.1 With Absinthe [How to]


Abstinthe, tool to jailbreak the iPhone and the iPad 2 4S iOS 5, has been to be had a pair minutes in the past . Developed partially with the aid of the  power Dev Crew , he joined the take advantage of discovered by using Pod2G  and the Dream Staff - p0sixninja, Saurik & Planetbeing. The tactic used for this one is new, "by no means used prior to" hackers declare. We provide and an instructional to lend a hand huge and no more huge on this activity.


What you want:

  • iPhone 4S iOS 5.zero or 5.zero.1
  • iPad 2 iOS 5.zero.1
  • Absinthe [Mac] - Download
  • Patience

How to Jailbreak the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Untethered With Absinthe:

Step 1.  Open the Absinthe  and then connect your iPhone 4S / iPad via USB 2.

Step 2.  Your device will be recognized. So press " Jailbreak  ". Please note that the task will be a bit long to be done (about 5 minutes). From this moment, do not touch anything! In addition, the iPhone / iPad will be initially displayed at the "Restore Progress". Be patient, this is not the case. Right behind it will turn off then on again.



Step 3.  Upon restart, unlock your device with the slider. Look to this application called "  Absinthe". Open it. It will load the site "Greenpois0n.com." If everything is correct, your machine will reboot again.



Step 4. f the server is down and you get an Error establishing a database connection message then tap the Settings icon on your springboard and turn on VPN




Step 5.  You will get a configuration error; however upon restart, unlock again your phone or tablet. Done, the icon has been replaced by Absinthe Cydia , the app store for jailbroken devices.


We have a fix for the “Error establishing a database connection

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