Apple has iOS 6 behind the sub-menu button quite changed, so you now on app icons can indicate how a photo, link or something else to share with your friends. Jailbreakers do not have to wait for iOS 6 , now, it can be used already: the jailbreak tweak iOS 6 Photos menu ensures that you're already at the menu you can use iPhone.

Ios-6-photos1 (1)

The jailbreak tweak changes the menu you see when you press the button part of Apple press in certain applications, like Photos app. The tweak allows you to install from here immediately on two new ways to share your information: via Facebook or Google +. The latter option is unique to tweak because iOS 6 only supports Twitter and Facebook.

Besides the addition of Facebook and Google + provides the tweak above all a different look for the button part. The options are indeed part shown in iOS 5 to use, but then they are shown in a list. In addition, the tweak slightly less elegant than the Share button in iOS 6. Would you like for example something on Facebook share, you get a blue input window to see instead of the new Facebook window. The name of the developer is also part of many of the options listed.

 iOS 6 Photos Menu is free in the  Big Boss repo.

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