Jailbreak Tweaks iOS 7 Killed


All over the improvement of iOS 7, Apple has determined to take heed to the customers and borrow a success concepts tweaks and in style purposes to increase the usual performance of the cellular OS. Consequently, builders will endure some functions, and the explanations to watch for the utility to jailbreak turns into much less and no more. However is it actually that unhealthy?

 1Password – iCloud Keychain


popular app for secure storage and synchronization between devices logins, passwords, credit card details has lost all meaning.Few people will want to buy application when OSes take this task on yourself. Pros will continue to give priority to 1Password, but they will be the minority.

Yahoo Weather – Weather , Yahoo was awarded the Apple Design Award 2013 for the weather application. It now it stands out against the background of the standard weather, but in the fall, exit iOS 7, the need for it will disappear.


Flashlight – Control Center


After upgrading to iOS 7 will eliminate the need to download, and even more so to buy apps-lanterns. Insignia from the bottom up will open the panel command cents, where you can turn the flash on. Why install extra applications?

Pandora – iTunes Radio

iradio-itunes Pandora – a great internet radio. It is popular due to a clever algorithm tracks the recommendations that the user might like. But why buy a subscription and install extra application, by the way ugly if the radio with the recommendations incorporated into the operating system?

Instapaper – Safari

instapaper-safari Safari continues to attack by popularity Instapaper. Let the reading list can not completely defeat the services of deferred reading, but will replace them for undemanding user.

Instashare, Bump and others – AirDrop

airdrop-ios Apps for quick exchange of files no longer needed, because Apple decided to add the function AirDrop for direct transfer from device to device . Over time, these applications Instashare completely disappear.

levels Building – Compass

compass-ios The presentation was not told about it, but in the annex building compass appeared similar level. This means that there is no need to purchase extra application store. Developers will have to find another way to make money or make up new functions.

 Auxo Tweaks

auxo-app popular jailbreak tweak that adds card applications multitasking bar is no longer needed. Apple developers have implemented it at the system level.



One of the most popular tweaks – blacklist. It is strange that so far Apple has not added such an obvious feature in the firmware, but the iOS 7 will fix it. Advertising, spam and unwanted companions can screen out at the system level.


liveclock Tweaks animation icons hours are no longer needed. Static arrows revive themselves after upgrading to iOS 7.


inteliscreenX Notification Center on the lock screen so far has been a privilege, but now it is at the system level. So, farewell, IntelliScreenX, and one more reason to break the firmware.


photofilters used to add filters in the application needed to install Photo tweak PhotoFilters, but now they will be there forever.

Tab +

tabs Tab + – another popular tweak, which is no longer needed. In iOS 7 endless tabs in Safari.


sbsettings mode switches, and different fast-get entry to buttons within the notification middle curtain didn’t exhibit up, however that doesn’t imply you need to jailbreak and put SBSettings. For fast get admission to to the settings used swipe from the underside up.

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