JailbreakMe 3.0 iPad 2 Jailbreak Leaked: Comex Reacts


The following model of the jailbreak instrument for all iDevices, together with iPad 2, used to be stolen.We talked about here , the next version of the tool JailbreakMe is about to emerge. However, this tool is currently too unstable, its release was delayed. Still in beta, the work of Comex, the developer of JailbreakMe, was offered to all on the web. If this new can seem cheerful, it is not.


First, this version is not completed, users have tested the face many problems on their iDevices, which become too unstable to be used normally.

Then, the leak will allow Apple to release a fix very quickly, through the deployment of a new firmware, plugging the loophole used by Comex. Moreover it reacted on his Twitter account:



For information, a dictionary attack means that piracy has done by launching a random list of words that can be very long, by testing all possible combinations until you find the URL where the beta was stored JailbreakMe the next.

So it's bad news, hopefully Comex has time to complete this project before Apple closes the loophole.Meanwhile, if you have not saved your SHSH

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