JailbreakMe  site that debuted within the first iPhone jailbreak (JailbreakMe 1.zero) after which the firmware iOS four.zero/four.zero.1 (2.zero JailbreakMe 'Superstar'). This 2nd JailbreakMe used to be the work of ExCom , hacker who received notoriety with Spirit, the software that our unlocked iPhone three.1.three. That is the one who appears to come back right away now and on the earth of jailbreak. Man has up to date its website online JailbreakMe.com unveiling a brand new history …


… Downhill skiing! Before addressing the issue remains open for skiing several tracks (no pun intended, of course), we note the panel PDF. We remember that for the jailbreak IOS 4.0/4.0.1, Comex has injected a PDF in our equipment to have a iDevice hacked. First index.Then the snow. The snow is white. The iPad 2, too. 2nd index.

Indeed, to date there is still no jailbreak for iPad 2. Believe us, it is lagging behind. Comex had already tease at the time by showing a 2 under iOS iPad 4.3 jailbroken. So JailbreakMe 3.0 is finally the website that will free your iPad 2?

If so, Comex has made ​​strong: 2.0 JailbreakMe first jailbreak the iPhone 4 (iOS); JailbreakMe 3.0  first jailbreak for the iPad 2.


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