JailbreakMe 3.0 to be released anytime between today or tomorrow


As you all be aware of, comex used to be engaged on the iPad 2 jailbreak &#one hundred sixty;leaked in BETA state by means of a person named MultiMediaWill which filter this knowledge and made ​​@ Comex disturbing reaction to it because Apple could buy time to patch the vulnerabilities that exist today before @ Comex release the final version of the Jailbreak .Now in an attempt to apologize for his act comex contact the user via gmail and @ Comex said the jailbreak should leave at any time if you do not have any setbacks.


So we all hope that tonight or tomorrow at any time of day JailbreakMe 3.0 is available for you to do the jailbreak .  A MacRumors forum member named MultiMediaWill, who was responsible for making the release public, has then tried to apologize to Comex via email, after deleting all the files "out of shame". In the exchange, Comex pointed out that an early leak could cause damage, since Apple would now have the tools to fix the vulnerability before the official tool is even released. 

if not more issues come up, it Should be ready by tomorrow

As always, wait for our guides who will not mess up. Users who have done this before probably did not need any guidance. Make backup before proceeding with it.

JailbreakMe is such a threat to Apple mainly because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Released way back in 2007, and updated to support new devices and operating systems ever since, this hack can be applied by simply pointing Safari to jailbreakme.com and tapping on a link to begin the process. A few minutes later, the iPad, iPod touch or iPhone will be jailbroken and Cydia will be installed. Unlike other methods, which offer mostly tethered jailbreaks on newer devices, JailbreakMe is fully untethered and can be applied in a fraction of the time.
A few days ago, we speculated that Apple could be readying a final iOS 4 release, dubbed 4.3.4, in order to fix the vulnerability used by JailbreakMe 3.0: a PDF exploit in Mobile Safari, which can be exploited by anyone with malicious intent to essentially take over the phone. Users are encouraged to backup their 4.3.3 blobs using an appropriate tool and stay away from 4.3.4 if it does come out.


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