Jailbreakme.com has been put up for sale!


Small temporary to let you know that the jailbreakme.com area is being promote it, as soon as used for his jailbreak, the website online Godaddy.com, a number of proposals to buy are underway, together with one $2500! There are presently 27 bargains to purchase …

Does which means  will use most likely not the domain name for its next JailbreakMe Jailbreak!

A quick look at the WHOIS information for the domain reveals no information about who owns the domain. Keep in mind that Comex does not actually own the domain JailbreakMe.com. The original owner reportedly allowed Comex to use it for his popular tool that jailbroke iOS 4.0 back in the day.

Now, the question is, why is this happening? There are a few theories floating around. One theory suggests that the original owner may have decided to sell it at a high-price knowing the popularity of the domain. Another suggests that Comex may have simply decided to not go ahead with the tool (which seems quite unlikely to us). And yet another suggests that it just might be a mistake.

Comex has tweeted to confirm that he, in fact, doesn’t own the domain and that he isn’t the one who put it up on GoDaddy. This should lay rest to all the stories floating around of Comex leaving the jailbreaking scene.

So far the auction has a website at a price of $ 2,500, you have 12 days to the same 12 hours, so those interested this time they have left to go to place your bet by the domain you are interested . As you know the tool was filtered JailbreakMe 3.0 leaked a day ago. Let's expect that Apple does not release any iOS 4.3.4 update to block the exploit, but it is likely that Apple will take action on this matter.

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