openssh-cydiaiPhone, iPad users on jailbroken iOS 7 devices are  highly recommended to install OpenSSH software package. This was suggested by SemiRestore7 utility developer . This will help avoid complications in case of problems with the established tweaks and allows you to use software solution for “reset” jailbreaked device.

In the final version of the update iOS 7.1, Apple released on Monday, closed jailbreak vulnerability Evasi0n7. The new operating system the company has implemented a special technology that restricts developers the ability to create software solutions for the jailbreak . Apple not only closed some key vulnerabilities , but also blocked the exit method of the “sandbox” . In this case the user has no downgrade from iOS 7.1 to iOS 7.0.6. Also, you can not restore a “clean” firmware , for example, if installed jailbreak tweaks slow down the device. In such cases, one solution – transition to iOS 7.1.

Installing OpenSSH software to avoid problems in the event of failure of one or more informal applications from Cydia. For example, if the gadget will go into a cyclic reboot. The user does not have to move to iOS 7.1 – simply connect your device to your computer and remove the conflicting tweaks .

Additionally, OpenSSH may need to work with the software SemiRestore7. Launched this week, the utility allows you to easily restore the OS with the jailbreak, pre-clearing it of all superfluous . The application creates a backup file , deletes all data on the device and installs Cydia. When this device is cleared of all the tweaks and third-party software that can slow down his work. To use SemiRestore7 requires pre- installed OpenSSH package .

OpenSSH can find in the online catalog Cydia. The program is free and available for download on your  iPhone and iPad. In case, you need a guide to help you perform the process, you can follow our written guide

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