Jamstik is a mini guitar with real strings which allows to people play it like a real guitar and you can even go an octave up and down by pressing a button. Jamstik connects to your iPhone and gives as output a MIDI signal that you can use.  

Jamstik can be bought for $199 on IndieGoGo, a Kickstarter alternative. That also means that you get the guitar only sent when the production is started. Investors are enough: the $100,000 that the creators needed to realize the project is already inside. The counter is currently at $105,000.

The mini guitar was shown at CES in Las Vegas in January this year. First It was promptly named “the coolest thing at CES 2013” and ended up in the top 10 inventions of 2013 by Popular Science magazine. With a length of less than 40 inches is the Jamstik a guitar that you can always have easy victory. So when you go on vacation and you want to sit in the evening hours at the campfire surrounded by friends who sing along with your guitar playing, you do not need a full-size guitar to carry around.  

More info: Jamstik on IndieGoGo


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