Japanese released The iPhone 5s iDroid Case for Metal Gear Solid fans


idroidHideo Kojima, who created a series of games Metal Gear Solid  said in his tweet about an unusual cover for iPhone. Accessory in the style iDroid – Gadget of the recently published game Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

Geek case is made in the form factor of a wrist -game terminal main character Snake , by which he compares the map notes routes patrols causes helicopters and the like. In addition to the external similarities with the game gear in case MGS5 equipped built-in flashlight that turns on when you press the yellow button .

idroidGround Zeroes was presented in the summer of 2012 . Details about her story while not disclosed , but it was known that its events occur after the completion of Peace Walker. In early December of the same year , developers announced the project codenamed Phantom Pain, which later turned out to be part of the fifth numbered Metal Gear Solid. Then, series creator Hideo Kojima explained that MGS5 and Ground Zeroes are the same game, only GZ is a prologue to the main action . In early November, Konami announced that Ground Zeroes will be released on Xbox 360 , PS3, Xbox One and PS4 as a separate project. The company has appointed release in the spring , but the exact date has not named .

iDroid case for fans of the series went on sale in Japan. The cost of the accessory manufacturer which is owned by Sentinel, is $70.

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