jaw-upEspecially for ” coffee people ” who do not represent themselves productive working day without a cup of hot beverage company Jawbone – known manufacturer of fitness bracelets – released a mobile app UP Coffee.

Free program allows you to control the amount entered into the body of caffeine using iPhone. After the introduction of the necessary data, it builds graphs characterizing the concentration of alkaloid for the next day.

You configure the application according to personal preference rights. To use it you must enter the amount of caffeine consumed , the amount of which will be used , and the time when a person is going to take another dose . The program analyzes the information and provides recommendations.

According to the results of research to improve concentration, it is necessary to adhere to the norm of 200 – 400 mlgr caffeine. A norm for restful sleep should not exceed 100 mlgr .

The graph shows that utility shows the level of caffeine and identifies areas of optimal consumption, have to be achieved . How to tell the developers , the introduction into the body of excessive amounts of caffeine can cause serious diseases , which include hyperactive reactions and the development of anxiety. Therefore UP Coffee is vital for the real fans of coffee.

Download UP Coffee for iPhone and iPod touch [iTunes Link]

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