Jeff Williams: Native Apple Watch Apps Coming This Fall


Jeff Williams, vice president of operations at Apple, participated in the Re / Code conference during which he talks about the Apple Watch and its huge success has exceeded all expectations of Apple.

applejeffwilliamsIn charge of the supervision of the supply chain of Apple, he was described by Walt Mossberg as the “figure calm” behind most popular Apple products like the iPhone and Apple Watch. He dependents 3,000 engineers, in addition to the supply chain, and allowed Apple to sell 74 million Apple iPhone in the last quarter.

Discreet about his remarks, Williams does not fail to say that Apple Watch is’ fantastic ‘, customers’ love shows Apple “even more than expected. Without giving figures, he said that Apple Watch a great success, even in a market where other products are not alike. He added that Apple prefers to focus on making great products, rather than dwell on the numbers, while emphasizing that the watch is sold in “large number”.

He stated that the future of Apple Watch will be even better with developers who may well develop native applications for it, and giving them access to sensors via APIs and SDK Watch the OS.

Williams also alluded to the interest of Apple in the car. For him, the car is “the ultimate mobile device,” but he was caught speaking of carplay for which Apple has yet to “explore many interesting areas.” So is this a blunder on his part or not? Unclear whether Apple has indeed released a For Apple but it seems no doubt that this sector is vital for the California firm.

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