Jonathan Ive on Apple new products to be made from the most advanced materials



Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive gave a lengthy interview with The New York Times, in which he talked about their approaches to the creation of new products and materials used in the production. According Quince, the new “Apple” device can be made from materials which have not previously been used before.

“The last 15 or 20 years, I work on the most complex and creative aspects of the products Apple. As for future gadgets, I can say that they are made of materials that we have not had to deal with before. I’m working on them the last few years. Tim Cook insists on using the most advanced materials and the development of new product categories, “- said Ive.

Observers do not exclude the fact that under the new developments that was meant for the iWatch  and  iPhone 6 smartphone, the creation of sapphire or “liquid metal” can be used.

Ive said that he met with Tim Cook and other top Apple managers three times a week at office of the head of a corporation to discuss the design.

“On average, we meet three times a week. Difficult for all of us to be patient. It was difficult for Steve, it’s now difficult for Tim. At any time, working on something, it is always difficult to be focused only on that. But this is what distinguishes us from our competitors – focus on one product, for creating a good product. “

Ive said since the arrival of Tim Cook, nothing has changed and he likes his predecessor, Steve Jobs, pays much attention to innovation.

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