Jony Ive: Apple Pencil Will Not ‘Replace the Finger


Apple pencil

Jonathan Ive, head of design at Apple, has recently given an interview to medium Wallpaper to promote the launch of the iPad Pro and the Apple pencil. In it, the executive wanted to stress that the Apple Pencil will be a tool well received by many professionals, but much less replace fingers.

One of the biggest reasons that will convince users to buy the iPad will own the Apple Pro Pencil and Ive already said last week that thanks to this tool many designers at Apple are abandoning the pencil and paper in favor of iPad Pro.

Today there is talk of this “technological pencil” for which I’ve said that “will not replace your fingers.” The designers stressed that the classical interaction with the touchscreen and your finger is still the main input system, also on iPad Pro, because it considered vital to the way Apple develops its devices.

Many of you will recall the statement of Steve Jobs when he introduced the first iPhone. The former CEO said bluntly “no one wants a pen” and so introduced the multi-touch interface based on our toes. The presentation of Apple Pencil in many referred to this phrase, but actually “the new Apple” Tim Cook is not going against the ideas of Jobs. Contextualizing the phrase in fact, Steve was referring to the fact that no one wanted to control a whole interface of a device with a pen. You remember that fact at the time the smartphone with a touch screen worked with the thin nibs because of a poor response of the resistive touch screen than capacitive multi-touch iPhone.

Ive then points out the new iPad Pro multitouch interface is crucial and that Apple Pencil will not replace our finger to control the operating system as on older smartphones. The “pencil technology” was created solely to offer a tool that could help to paint and draw in ways impossible with just your fingers. Ive adds “I suspect that it will not only attracted people who attended an art school.”

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