iveApple chief designer Jonathan Ive gave a lengthy interview with The Sunday Times, in which he told about their approaches to the creation of new products and respect for competitors , copiers development company. Ive starts a new project that is considering what should be a new product , and what function it will perform.

” Responding to this , Jonathan begins to work out the design of the device. Ive seeking inspiration in unusual places. He has collaborated with producers of confectionery to achieve the perfect shade for the first iMac, traveled to Niigata in northern Japan , to see how manufacturers create a thin metal while working on the first PowerBook “, – writes The Sunday Times.

In discussing the creation of new products , Ive touched on the issue of copying Apple products numerous competitors . The designer believes that by doing so they steal the results of thousands of hours of work at Apple. Ive said that it is not only about the design : “It’s thousands and thousands of hours of hard work .”

Many companies are not interested in quality products , as they are indifferent attitude of consumers to their products , says Ive . He is confident that the approach to the creation of new competitors products is markedly different from the one followed in Apple. In Cupertino everyone involved in creating a new product fully and completely given to the process , leaving no room for compromise .

” The final product and production are inseparable concepts , you understand the product , if you know how it’s done ,” – said Ive .

He said that once completely disassembled and re- assembled iPhone, to prove to himself that he can . Ive confirmed that Apple is currently engaged in developing new products , but no details , he did not disclose . According to rumors, the chief designer is working on iWatch and new iOS 8 platform. ” It’s a chess game , is not it? “ – He added .

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