Jony Ive Named Apple’s First Ever ‘Chief Design Officer’



Yesterday, Tim Cook announced that Jony Ive was named CEO of design at Apple, and Alan Dye and Richard Howarth support the day to day management of design teams as vice president. They will allow to unload Jony Ive of part of the administrative work.

Jonathan Ive, who held the position of senior vice president of design, joined Apple in 1992 and has directed his design team since 1996, according to the website of Apple. He also worked closely with the late co-founder Steve Jobs, who called Ive his “spiritual partner” in the products back to the iMac.

As revealed by Bloomberg and The Telegraph, the American company has decided to move up to Ive, who has been behind the appearance of some of the most important products of Apple in recent years. Although he will continue to lead design projects, from now on will focus primarily “Current design projects, new ideas and future initiatives.”

With this appointment, two companions of the design department will assume management functions, which until now headed Ive. The change will occur next July 1. So, Richard Howarth will become vice president of industrial design, while Alan Dye will take the role of vice president of interface design.

In 2012, the current CEO, Tim Cook, Ive expanded the role of giving the call control human interface software controls the appearance of the company. About a year ago, Ive role was expanded to include monitoring team that designs software Apple iOS, which operates the iPhones and iPads.

“His new role is a reflection of the scope of work that Apple has been doing for some time”, he praised Cook in a statement to employees and peoplewho has accessed in the specializing brand , reported 9to5Mac.


During an interview with Tim Cook and Jony Ive by The Telegraph, Stephen Fry has addressed the legacy of Steve Jobs at Apple and the role I’ve ever changing in society, among other topics. I’ve explained that including the Apple design team is a small close-knit group, many of whom have worked at Apple for many years. And last October, Marc Newson, a friend of Jony Ive, was hired part-time in the design team at Apple, but its role has been expanded to include responsibilities in the last promotions.

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