Jony Ive talks about Apple Pencil



The iPad Pro has been available since yesterday along with official accessories like the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil. Over all Jony Ive, Apple Chief Designer Office talked in an interview with Telegraph, where talk has centered on the stylus “made in Apple” optional accessory that has a price of $99.

The chief designer of Apple says that with the Apple Pencil feel “a natural extension” to be using pen and paper, a degree of behavior I get it “was a significant technological challenge.” According to Ive, any other stylus that we could use offer a “very poor representation of the analog world”.

Many of us in the design team have worked together for 20 plus years. We’ve always drawn in our sketchbooks, and for the first time – despite flirting with some alternatives a couple of years ago – I’m seeing people starting to use the iPad and Apple Pencil.

Our personal experience has been that there are definitely affordances and opportunities now that you have a much more natural and intuitive environment to make marks, there are clearly things you can do sketching and writing on the iPad which you could never dream of doing in the analogue world.

He also spoke of the system using the Pencil Apple to charge. Jony says that “we do not like having to charge many devices and manage, so it’s something we work very hard until the current charge process.” Remember that the Apple Lightning Pencil has a male connector on its top, allowing you to connect to port Lightning iPad Pro and get a range of half an hour with just 15 seconds to load, demonstrating its efficiency.

The CDO Apple, as it can not be otherwise, ends talking about what Apple is excited using the Pencil in moments of creation, saying he loves having the Pencil while thinking and then start drawing, as you would with any normal book.

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