The ongoing patent dispute in the art world have regular contact with a great reliability in the headlines. We find also the Apple vs. Motorola dispute no end. The Judge Robert Scola formulated this fact in a slightly different way.

The parties [Apple and Google] show no interest in an efficient and expeditious resolution of the dispute. Instead, they use this and similar lawsuits around the world as a business strategy that seems to have no end. […] This is not a proper use of the courts.

With these words, Judge Scola impressed yesterday the representatives. For more than three years of running patent dispute between Apple and Google’s Motorola daughter. Now the competitors have asked the Court to throw all previous hearings on board in order to make things easier, and start over. The jury rejected that request.

Furthermore, it is said of Scola that Apple and Google have to reduce a total of 180 disputes on 12 patents. Ensure the company remains four months. [9to5Mac]

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