Justice Department Drops Its iPhone Unlocking Case Against Apple



On Monday, the Justice Department says that it unlocked without Apple the iPhone 5c used in San Bernadno mass shooting, therefore withdrew its legal action. Already suspected something when last Tuesday the FBI requested that the hearing against Apple to be delayed. This data is added to the rumors that an expert in security issues was working hand in hand with them to get past security Apple and obtain data that contains the now famous iPhone 5c. It seemed that the FBI was about to get that access and that therefore there was no need to advance the absurd and damaging clash with Apple. This has been and American research office already has on his table all smartphone data without the collaboration of Apple. How did you get it? Taking advantage of a security flaw.

Suddenly, the security of Apple devices is in question, as if for the first time a security flaw appears on your operating system. Apple boasts that its systems are invulnerable, but this does not exist. The aim of companies is to make your systems invulnerable as possible, knowing they will never get to get it absolutely. Every time it pops up a Jailbreak, iOS vulnerability is demonstrated. That is why in Cupertino become so obsessed with this issue and solve these “exploits” immediately.

The details of this security flaw that allowed FBI access not known. We do not know whether it is limited to the iPhone 5c problem or is generally iOS 9. We do not know if that failure was already corrected by Apple or still persists in the latest version (iOS 9.3) Apple released a week ago. In fact this issue is now one of the problems to be overcome, and some authoritative voices within the US government say that Apple should know the fault and fix it to avoid exposing the data of its users to potential threats from outside the US just what Apple argued to oppose create this “back door” that the FBI asked.

Apple’s response has been swift, but far from talking about how it was able to access the iPhone 5c only regret everything that has happened, ensuring that should not have come never happen. The safety of users remains its main objective, and in this area will continue to move in the words of Tim Cook himself.

It is assumed that this end the case is closed, but I fear that we will have many news about it. And with his clumsy way of acting, the FBI has opened a Pandora’s box that will be hard to close. Many companies have lined up on the side of Apple, and citizens have witnessed firsthand what the US government, and therefore the rest of governments of the “democratic” world may be able to do to accomplish your goals. China could have forced Microsoft to create a Windows 10 backdoor.

Court order to drop the case:


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