Keenlab Successfully Demo “iOS 12 Beta 1” Jailbreak


ios 12 jailbreak

iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak is coming up to “another step”, but apart from that … another day a jailbreak report on iOS 11.4 was also being done. Following that, jailbreak reports on iOS 12 Beta 1 are also being held this time. In the report by Keen lab, a demonstration video is also released.

In the past, I have succeeded in various jailbreaks [Keen Lab], but this time it seems that I succeeded in jailbreak at iOS 12 Beta 1. A demo video is released, jailbreak work is done on iPhone X (iOS 12 Beta 1), and you can see until the start of Cydia.

This report also contains the name of Keenlab, but as in the past reports Liang Chen became the main and the name is written.

Although it was a question from the front, where jailbreak related is concerned about what is treated inside Keen Lab ….

Such reports by Keen Lab should be done in the sense of “proof of concept” to the last.
So … if you say it easily, it is unlikely that the jailbreak tool will be released from Keenlab.

Especially since Keen Lab is a security department belonging to the Chinese enterprise “Tencent”, there should be policies of the enterprise side, so the release is still … Is it difficult?

Report on iOS 11.4 jailbreak … Although it was the case at all, as a way of enjoying these reports, can you see that there is an unfixed vulnerability that can be used for jailbreak in progress now?

It is unknown what kind of route/timing fixes will be made, but the vulnerability will be fixed someday.

At that time, when it comes to iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak it is time to say “vulnerability that can be used for jailbreak becomes public” …!

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