On September 7, the Cupertino-based company confirmed to us the rumor to voices on the dual camera iPhone 7 Plus, a camera that allows us to take pictures like a SLR camera is obviously saving distances. According to an analyst at KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo, dual camera model Plus will remain exclusive to this model and the company has no thinking, at least in the near future, implement this technology in the standard model, 4 ,7 inches. Since the launch of the new models of iPhone screen 4.7 inches and 5.5, Apple has maintained a significant difference between the two models, especially in the section of the camera.

MacRumors posted these comments from KGI analyst:

While an attractive addition for avid picture takers and professional photographers, the iPhone 7 Plus dual-camera is not a mass-market killer application yet. Along with its high cost (estimated at over US$30-40) and the necessity for Apple to enhance the added value of high-end iPhone models, we expect only high-end new iPhone models (30-40% of them) to have a dual-camera next year.

Note that for the dual- camera of iPhone 7 Plus, wide-angle CCM is equipped with optical image stabilization (OIS) VCM, while telephoto CCM only comes with general VCM. We believe the focus of the dual-camera upgrade will be equipping telephoto CCM with OIS CCM, so as to significantly enhance optical and digital zoom quality.

In addition, he says the telephoto also receive optical stabilizer. Currently only the wide-angle camera has this optical stabilization technology. Ming-Chi Kuo has a history of equal parts of successes and failures. It is recalled that a few days before the launch of iPhone 7 Kuo announced almost all the innovations that were confirmed in the presentation of September 7. However, when making predictions longer time, Kuo has not been as successful as concerns successes.

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