KGI: iPhone 8 To Be Integrated With 3D-Sensing FaceTime Camera


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New rumors and assumptions about the future iPhone 8. This time it’s up to the front camera which, according to KGI says, should be completely renovated and should support the 3D sensing with three different modules and a development derived from PrimeSense, a company acquired by Apple years ago .

After three years marked by the same model, after persistent and persistent accusations of lack of innovation, and just when the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone is met, Apple is “forced” to mark, again, before and after. Virtually all the rumors point in the direction of a very different iPhone, with new materials, new design, and capabilities never seen so far, at least not on an iPhone. And now, the popular analyst Ming Chi Kuo again sows the field of rumors talking about a “revolutionary” camera system.

The camera may then be so constructed: the first module should be standard, the second should be capable of transmitting infrared rays and the third should be able to receive the infrared rays. This system should allow the iPhone 8 to detect and determine the best location and distance of objects and subjects. Applications may be so not only photographic but also creative, modeling and 3D gaming. Then everything will be put in relation to developed by Apple software capabilities, on which Kuo is confident.

According to Ming, one of the greatest revolutions of the iPhone 8 will happen in its front camera, equipped with different modules that will allow facial recognition of the user in three dimensions. It is not a new rumor but, without a doubt, the fact that now is Kuo who mentions it, confers it consistency.


So far there has been talk of several models of iPhone 8 however, there is one that would stand out over the rest. I mean that iPhone 8 with OLED screen curved on its sides and that, if confirmed the rumors, would be something like an “iPhone 8 Premium” whose price will not like them all.

Well, it will be precisely this iPhone 8 with edge-to-edge OLED screen that will get a new and “revolutionary” front camera system, according to new predictions shared by KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo.

This camera system will consist of a total of three modules that, together, will offer full-featured 3D detection capabilities. And where did Apple get the technology needed for this great novelty? The answer lies in one of those “small” purchases made from time to time by the company and about which, usually does not offer details. In particular, this front-facing camera system with 3D capabilities will work from algorithms PrimeSense, a company that Apple bought there by 2013.

The new camera system, as already mentioned, would be integrated by three modules, which include a front camera module that is already in the current iPhone devices, an infrared transmission module and an infrared reception module . With these three modules in operation, the camera will be able to find the exact location and exact depth of objects in front of it.

KGI-Securities-iPhone-8-FaceTime-cameraIn addition, this could provide certain utilities, most notably facial recognition and identity verification by scanning the user’s iris.

The camera will operate by fusing the depth information provided by the infrared transmit and receive modules with the traditional 2D images captured by the front camera. So, this could not only be used for the rumored iPhone 8 iris scanner, but also for other gaming applications and future experiences of virtual reality and/or augmented reality.

This news of a “revolutionary” front camera for the iPhone 8 is kept in the line of previous rumors that talk about the possible disappearance or at least loss of importance of the Touch ID in favor of technologies of 3D facial recognition or scanning Of iris, as main security mechanisms for the new device. JPMorgan analyst Rod Hall has stated that facial recognition could be a safer alternative that would also help increase the adoption of Apple Pay by retailers and financial institutions.

According to Kuo, this three-module camera system “will bring an innovative user experience” to the iPhone 8 OLED, but for now will be reserved as exclusive to that model. “Future iPhones may come with a similar system for the back camera,” the analyst said.

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