KidSafe: iPhone case for kids block the house button # CES2012


Bot Maker TRTL accent to the CES know-how the KidSafe-case for the iPhone confirmed.This appears in the beginning a easy case to the again of your iPhone to give protection to, however the wrong way to your iPhone whilst you positioned a younger kid desires to play this type of sport. The house button on the iPhone is blocked, so they may be able to now not by accident shut the app.


TLTR Bot has been avoided in the KidSafe-case as possible to produce eco-friendly: so he made from recycled plastic bottles and Bisphenol A, the substance is not present. The case is manufactured in the United States.

KidSafe, the case is available in black, white and green for the iPhone and iPhone 4S 4. When the case on the front of the iPhone is the speaker and the camera continues to use.

You can use the KidSafe-case order for $24.95 on the website TRTL BOT , where he currently is sold. There is approximately $10 charged for shipping on top.


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