Kinect for Windows PC to be Released on February 1


It's now not a shock, it was once identified on account that ultimate November  (and even for a bit longer, if truth be told) that Microsoft had to adapt its Kinect to our PC, but the firm has benefited from the 2012 CES to reveal more about this project.Yes, and we now know when the Kinect will be marketed. Or just the good news of the day is that we will not need to wait a long time since the famous accessory will come on the market on February 1 . 


It will of course comes with an SDK that will allow hackers to more of you to give away to their hearts and develop their own hacks.

It should be noted nonetheless that Kinect PC will not be compatible with all operating systems. To take advantage, it will actually have a computer in Windows 7 . Of course, the next version of the OS, Windows 8not to quote, will also be compatible with the beast but still regret that Microsoft has not worked hard on that side. Genre Vista, for example. 

The Microsoft gadget currently holds the Guinness World Record for being the fastest selling consumer electronics device in history after 8 million units flew off the shelves in the first sixty days of launch, which shows just how well received the gadget was. Such is the innovation behind Kinect that it immediately peaked the interest of the developing community, and only a couple days after the Kinect was officially launched it was announced that it actually been hacked to allow it to be used with a PC as well as the 360.


In addition, it should also be noted that Kinect will not be compatible with the Xbox 360 and it also includes a new mode, the "Near", which will capture movements at 40 cm from the sensor. Microsoft released a non commercial development kit in June 2011 which allowed developers to begin tinkering with writing applications to support the device on Windows 7. This was later followed up with the release of a commercial SDK, allowing .NET developers to write Kinect compatible software using C++/CLI or the old favorite, Visual Basic .NET.

Finally, note that the PC will be marketed Kinect … $ 250 . Not cheap for sure, but it still costs less than a Parrot AR Drone, eh. Yep, but it's more than a sleeve Kinect for Xbox 360 …

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