Kingston Debuts 2TB Storage USB Flash Drive At CES 2017



Kingston introduced the world’s largest USB flash drive with a maximum capacity of 2TB. The DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte, or GT, is available in two versions with capacities of 1 and 2TB. The drive supports USB 3.1 first gen .

Of course in terms of storage and mobility, Kingston has just solved one of the biggest problems that a geek can present in this aspect, because a 2TB flash memory means to make a side to any external hard drive that requires A larger space and in some cases they need to be powered by AC.

Kingston’s DataTraveler Ultimate GT will be available in two versions, one of 1TB and the largest of 2TB, at this point in the game we are talking about that we could easily replace a solid state drive, by a device introduced by Kingston.


The new Kingston storage device is accompanied by a zinc alloy cover for greater durability of course, in the part of compatibility with other devices, the flash drive handles the USB 3.1 port, something that for some specialists plays against , As you will need some adapter for computers with USB-C port.

The shipment is scheduled for February 2017. Although not apparent at time of publication is also about the price, 1TB model is USB3.0 DataTraveler HyperX Predator DTHXP30 announced 2013 Kingston official shop of the Amazon in the 208,530 yen, the price dot-com lowest search But 90,000 Because it is the price setting of the yen table, it seems that it will be certain that the price of the newly appearing 2 TB model will be high end.

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