Knock app is one of the most original ways to unlock your Mac, you in fact used for this iPhone. Of course, the creators of the application does not make it past the brand new Apple Watch.

Screen-Shot-2015-04-23-at-1.37.33-AMKnock application for iOS, which allows you to unlock your Mac via Bluetooth. This avoids entering a password, and always keep control of access to the computer. Even more elegant solution would be to use for the same purpose Apple Watch.
Developers have released an update to version 2.0 Knock in which there is support for smart hours Apple.

Knock-iPhone-appAccording to them, the use of Apple Watch makes locking and unlocking the computer more convenient, because for this no longer need iPhone – key to the computer is already on the wrist of the user.

Download Knock for iPhone on the App Store

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