KodiDevelopment proceeds Kodi after a few months of public beta debut comes the beta 7 for the new “major release” from the HTPC software for excellence, 17, codename Krypton. The release itself is not particularly meaningful at the new level, but it is important because the team is confident that it is the last. Then it will go down in Release Candidate, if all goes well.

In addition to the main bug fixes that we list below, the team also noted a fair amount of news about the new default skin, and Estouchy Estuary (the latter a version of the first but optimized for input via touch screen), also based on user feedback. As for bug fixes, here are the details:

• Update Estuary and Estouchy skin with some bugfixes
• Enable IEC61937 audio passthrough support on Android for DTS-HD, TrueHD, DTS:X and ATMOS in case the Android version supports this
• Fix PVR channel OSD display conditions
• Fix possible crash in PVR EPG
• Fix multiple selection in file browser
• Fix duplicate context menu for PVR recordings
• Fix wrong window size on OSX
• Fix problem on Windows that currently in use skins couldn’t be updated
• Further improvement of cmake build system
• Various other improvements and fixes

Kodi has many hidden secrets and even some team members do not know all the potential it holds. One of those features that you may not know is that Kodi also has a web interface from which you can browse your library and start playback directly on your Kodi device. It’s something we’ve never promoted but I’m not quite sure why. The last few years have not invested much time in this need, so it fell into oblivion and only added small pieces of code to keep it functional and up-to-date. However, for Kodi v17 this has changed radically since we have upgraded a new default web interface called Chorus2.

Nightly Builds by Krypton

As you may have noticed, we only launch a new beta or Release Candidate from time to time, which includes a list of fixes from the previous version. In addition, we also created these so-called Nightly Builds for Krypton which include the latest reviews that our developers have included and will end in the next beta, release candidate or final release.

By providing these builds, we hope that the users who install them will help us find and fix new bugs and bugs. These nightlies can be installed without problems on your device, although they are versions dedicated to testing, not stable.

As we have been announcing throughout the news, you can expand and see the complete list of changes by visiting the news of Alpha 2 and Alpha 3. In case you want to download and install this version, visit our downloads page .

* Official Kodi 17.0 (development downloads): http://kodi.tv/download
* The LibreelEC versions for the Raspberry Pi / x86 can be found here.

If interested visit kodi.tv/download to get the new Kodi 17 beta 7 available.

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