Kodi 18 Leia
Kodi 18 Leia

Another update for the beta version of our beloved KODI 18, the most loved media center in the world. This new version of Beta 5 is currently available for most compatible operating systems, such as Android, Mac, and Windows including Linux; despite the team declaring that Kodi 18 is still a highly unstable version and therefore proves it is now well established and works great on all platforms, including XBox One where finally everything seems to work perfectly.

The news of Kodi 18 has been a lot and could increase with the next releases. The new version, KODI 18 Leia, boasts an incredible number of fixes and changes to the source code namely.

Kodi 18 Leia was intended to standardize the backend code, which should mean fewer errors and better video processing for everyone! Some of the other features noted in this Kodi 18 download are:

  • Fix repository connection issues on Windows which affected certain CPU types
  • Some improvements to Android video playback
  • Some improvements to OSX resolution switching
  • Support for Radio Data RDS if the PVR backend supports this
  • Try to find the best matching resolution automatically for refresh rate switching if the user has not made a selection in resolution whitelist setting
  • Update Chorus2 web interface which contains security and general fises
  • General code improvements and cleanup

The binary repository is particularly important. PVR, screensaver, visualization, image decoding, and some file systems have now been moved to separate repositories rather than taking up space within the Kodi base installation. This makes Kodi lighter for those who do not want to include these extras. You can download these subsystems from the Kodi repository in a similar way to how other additional components are installed.

The new version Kodi 18.0 Betta 1 does not recognize the skins other than Estuary and Estouchy. If you have installed unofficial themes like Zeitgeist, Eminence and so on, the update from Kodi 17 to 18 might not be successful and crash upon reboot, in this case, it would be advisable to uninstall the non-original theme and update Kodi, or uninstall Kodi 17 and install the Alpha version directly.

How to download KODI 18.0 Beta 3

All files are available on the official website https://kodi.tv/download. Click on the icon for your operating system and then on Development Builds.

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