Kodi Leia 18.2 version is available for almost all operating systems. The new version brings an incredible number of fixes and modifications to the source code, namely.

Much of the work in Kodi 18 Leia has been to standardize the back-end code, which should mean fewer errors and better video processing for everyone! Some of the other features noted in this Kodi 18.2 are:

  • Fixes put in place for performance and dependency regressions in the platform’s GLES rendering path
  • A number of fixes similar to the above but in the context of the AML platform, which is an area that has not been touched for a while
  • Corrections for erroneous interlaced content on VAAPI on Intel. This should mean that stuttering caused by the decoder re-configuring should no longer be an issue
  • Improvements to the music experience, including database optimization and improved import functionality
  • The introduction of a Codec Factory for Android allowing power users to configure HW-Decoder usage to their own requirements
  • And many, many more fixes

How to download/install Kodi Leia 18.2

To install Kodi 18.2 on Android devices, we recommend the Play Store route, for all other operating systems, the files are available on the official website https://kodi.tv/download.

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