Just before New Year’s Day , the first official Release Candidate, which marks the final step towards the final release of v17.0. These Release Candidate versions are dedicated to getting more feedback from users who are willing to make the leap towards v17 and we are very grateful if they do, as it provides valuable insight into overall stability and usability.

Keep in mind that because we are a small team, some of the reported errors may not be solved due to lack of developers or time. As such, we will certainly welcome any developer who has the ability to help us try to fix the errors that you find and submit it to our code base for review.

Thanks to everyone involved with the development, testing or simply helping others by answering their questions.

What’s New in this Release Candidate:

  • Upgrade Estuary with some fixes and improvements
  • Revert changes that cause video playback problems in some files
  • Correct that the mouse does not reach the right side of the screen in OSX
  • Several corrections to general video playback
  • Several corrections to EPG / PVR
  • Several fixes and improvements over the cmake build system
  • Update to CEC 4.0.1

A complete list can be found here.


Krypton nightly builds

As you may have noticed, we only launch a new beta or Release Candidate from time to time, which includes a list of fixes from the previous version. In addition, we also created these so-called Nightly Builds for Krypton which include the latest reviews that our developers have included and will end in the next Beta, Release Candidate or Final Release.


By providing these builds, we hope that the users who install them will help us find and fix new bugs and bugs. These Nightlies can be installed without problems on your device, although they are versions dedicated to testing, not stable. Make sure you get these compilations from the Krypton folder and not any other ones.

If you want to download and install this compilation, visit our download page. You can install these builds right above your current Kodi installation without performing a reinstallation or cleaning, as we perform a full migration if necessary.

Official Kodi 17.0 development downloads


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