KoolPuckRumored to be in the long-awaited  Apple iWatch smart  watch, which will be implemented wireless charging technology , which would later appear in other devices company. But the happy owners of the iPhone and iPad can use for wireless recharging your gadget now.

The company introduced KoolPuck device for charging smartphones wirelessly. It is a stylish stand with built-in induction coil which interacts with gadgets designed for wireless charging standard Qi.

Such chargers surface gradually appear in public places , as well as widely used automotive companies . According to the developers , KoolPuck provides the same charge rate as a wired connection .

KoolPuck involves the use of a special case. Today the market offers a variety of options such. For example , companies and Evotouch Choetech offer Qi- compatible cases for iPhone 5/5s for about 20-30 dollars.


Special mention should be about developing for the iPhone called iQi Mobile, created on the basis Qi- standard. In the case of analogues for the smartphone does not need a separate case , it suffices to establish between the panel and used iPhone cover ultra-thin energy receiver thickness from 0.5 mm to 1.4 mm. The receiver is connected to a Lightning- connector by a flexible connection.

The cost of the charging surface KoolPuck starts at $45 .

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