KRACK Wi-Fi Security Flaw Affects All Wireless Devices At Risk



The WPA2 security protocol used by all routers, smartphones, computers and other current products are in serious danger after the discovery of this vulnerability. In this case, none of the current products are saved since this is a security system that works for all current devices, no matter if it is iOS, macOS, Android or Windows. In addition, the bug discovered by computer security professor Mathy Vanhoef shows that any hacker could easily see all of our web browsing in a simple way.

The WPA2 protocol used to protect most wireless networks and devices. In this case and to verify that this vulnerability exists and can be important for all users, they have developed “KRACK”, abbreviation of Key Reinstallation Attack and that serves to demonstrate that the problem is real and serious. Some communications have already been issued insisting that the results of the investigation of this vulnerability is totally true and therefore it is necessary to correct this security problem as soon as possible.

The first thing to notice is that this security bug allows the registration of all the content and therefore it is a question of “spying” the traffic in the network. And on the other hand we must warn that we are facing a problem that will be solved soon by a security patch that will be launched to all devices automatically, routers and other products included, so calm down. However it is good to check the connections to the network of our router from time to time to see especially those who send data.

It is also interesting to note that access to this vulnerability requires physical access to our computer, smartphone, tablet, etc, so it is difficult to affect us. If this happens it may be used to decrypt network traffic, to put content in our usual traffic and to obtain personal data of connections in which we need to log in with a user and a password.

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