The image beneath was once no longer taken at an Apple Retailer with an Apple worker.That is the results of an enormous haul of the LAPD Police who has intercepted a big inventory of cons-means iPhone and iPod price S10 Million.


According to Ron Boyd, owner of the Los Angeles Port Police, the imitations were very well done. Some might well have purchased these products and be aware of the deception when the synchronize with iTunes. The amount of the catch is estimated at 10 million.

Police believe that the goods were sent from China. In order not to attract the attention of law enforcement, they were sent as parts and assembled on site.This "small business" which was run by two brothers have already generated a turnover of $7 million before the police come to disturb their business.

This is not the first case of this kind. Last spring, police in San Francisco had a hand in 2,000 fake iPhone. Estimated there were $ 1.2 million.[via cultofmac]

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