Late iMacs 2011 References found in the support documents


Within the newest toughen file from Apple, by which the connection choices for the brand new Thunderbolt show are described, proof used to be discovered on a brand new iMac edition, that’s referred to as “Late 2011”.In step with this report improve the fashions of iMac (Mid 2011 and Late 2011) shows two Thunderbolt.Curiously, Apple has now not introduced a brand new iMac adaptation.



Given that Apple has launched only in May a new iMac series on the market, the whole story seems to be something funny.A spelling error is very unlikely, because to “invent” an entirely new model would be too much of the good or the author of the document has spoken of the education iMac, which is not equipped with a Thunderbolt connection.



We’ve had it reported that Apple will introduce a new MacBook Pro series on the market that are equipped with the new Intel processors.Therefore, it would be logical if Apple would equip their iMacs with the same processor.

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