New iPhone 7 Schematics Suggest Similar Dimensions To iPhone 6s



There have seen various schemes and renderings about upcoming iPhones, but it never hurts to see others. Not more because the more information see about something, the safer we that this detail will be present in the final device.  Czech website LetemSvetem Applem has published some new schemes that would confirm several things, starting because the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus / Pro will have dimensions almost traced the iPhone 6 / 6s that were launched in 2014 and 2015.

According to these schemes, the iPhone 7 will be a tenth of a millimeter thicker than the iPhone 6s (which in turn was a little thicker than the iPhone 6) and will have 7.2mm (7.3mm for the Plus model). Moreover, these schemes would confirm the open secret that ensures that Apple will remove the 3.5mm headphone port, the most controversial novelty that has included the Cupertino company in recent years.

iphone-7-plus-schematicsIn the images we see several interesting details, but we do think there is something that fails to fit: the first is that the iPhone 7 has two 4.7 inch speakers. The problem with this is that the “normal” model is smaller and cheaper than the Plus model, so it would be surprising to see one second speaker in the 4.7-inch model and not the 5.5 inch. The second thing that stands out is that the front of the iPhone 7 Plus / Pro is not well marked the screen. Does this mean that Apple will release an iPhone with a screen that would reach the top and bottom edges? Unlikely, if not impossible.

Moreover, the iPhone 7 Plus this new scheme would have the Smart Connector is already present the latest iPad have been released and the dual camera that has been talking in recent months. I like to believe that these schemes tell us how will be the next apple smartphones, but the second speaker of the smallest model and the absence of the screen in the Plus model make me very skeptical.

[Source: LetemSvetem Applem (Google Translate)]

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