Launch Center Pro 2.0 Brings iOS Design For Dropbox And More


lunch center announced a major upgrade to Launch Center Pro for iOS. The application has undergone a number of changes on the part of the user interface and added new features done . Among the main functions of Launch Center Pro 2.0 is to provide a new interface that is optimized to run on the iOS 7 firmware , support for cloud service Dropbox and new topics.

Feature of iOS is that many things can not be customized , as the platform has a closed source code. Other mobile operating systems provide a few more options to control the home screen .

However, there are applications that extend the functionality and possibilities of iOS. Software of this type is called a ” launcher “, it allows you quick access to the software and functions of a mobile platform Apple. The best part of the launcher is how easy is to use the system. It’s enough to make simple steps: download , install and configure .


Launch Center Pro – one of the most popular application – launcher for iOS, which does not require jailbreak . Launch Center Pro feature is the ability to arrange a convenient bar to launch not just mobile applications, but the basic system functions iOS. The program has received a lot of rave reviews from both the news media and from the users of the program .

Launch Center Pro allows you to use keyboard shortcuts for quick access to subscribers dialing SMS, open your favorite web sites , search on Google, creating e-mail messages , and more.

Some features of Launch Center Pro 2.0:

  • New icon and user interface for iOS 7.
  • New topics in the settings.
  • New styles for the icons and colors.
  • The ability to use photos and web clips for the icons.
  • Saving a backup to Dropbox.
  • Actions for Dropbox.
  • Ability to use several in one action.
  • Native support for actions Facebook and Sina Weibo.
  • Running external commands (launchpro :/ /? Url =).
  • Enhanced support for TextExpander.

As you begin to see the settings Launch Center Pro, you see an enormous number of possible options to define the settings to your liking. Read more about all the intricacies of the launcher can be found at

The Launch pro utility prices $49.99 is in reality an impressive launcher , which is to take some time to test it by yourself iPhone, a lot much less to run it completely does now not require jailbreak .

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