Right away the digicam module Instagram start. Go to search tweets in your timeline Tweetbot while in the background load. Immediately send a text to your mother, who always somewhere at the bottom you recently sent messages state.Launch Center Pro is a new initiative from developer App Cubby. The iPhone app is a homepage that you can immediately send them to specific transactions in other applicationsThe application was made to gain time in the actions you perhaps twenty times in a day.


App Cubby was previously responsible for the club reviewer on iPhone Launch Center
This allows you to push yourself messages with specific actions set a specific time. So you can set your example, every evening , a message informing you immediately Momento > boot, so all your social media frenzy of the day just to archive. But why would you necessarily to a specific time to perform an action? Launch Center Pro has the push function is preserved, but also become a home. Partly to open apps, but rather, to quickly perform special actions.

Besides the examples in the introduction, you can write directly to the search bar of Yelp calls to search for facilities and restaurants in your area. You can instantly open your favorite website (but okay, that can be done from your home screen also) immediately or a Google search in Safari enter. You call with a button to your partner, or start with a button an e-mail to a colleague. For some apps you can perform multiple actions. So you can for example choose the Instagram app to open the photo function to open or for example the search to start.

Launch Center Pro is an application that must sit in your rhythm. Tucked away in a folder, the application makes no sense. You may have to be quick to take time to save – and the emphasis on speed is reflected in the app itself. The application has drawn the main intent of iPhones, but with three to four icons. Therefore, the logos bigger, faster and more recognizable to select. Cool is that with new actions you create a custom icon can do with a background color or image on it

Download: Launch Center Pro

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