We were warned about the complexity of Launcher, which takes actions in our Notification Center widgets and was removed from the App Store late last September, and now surprisingly, the app has return after Apple softens their policies.

It has not been easy, she says the developer Greg Gardner application itself. After the first version of Launcher was withdrawn, there was another much shortened version that did receive the blessing of Apple. But he did not call too much attention because it was limited to only very basic system functions.

While that version was active, Gardner was testing the waters by sending more complete Launcher to the App Store versions. Here it does not receive the approval for sale in the catalog … until one day one of these versions did. It was then that Gardner made the big question those responsible for the store, “if I have approved this release, why do not approve of the original?”
At Apple they reflected, reviewed the first version of Launcher. Ready, problem solved: the application can be downloaded on the App Store smoothly.

The official argument has said Apple in this case sometimes has already happened to see an application that squeezes some part of iOS “are conservative” about it and removed preventively, but as time goes restrictions are relaxed and end the application may happen to be published.

Remember the app installed a calculator directly in the notification center, which were removed and then the decision was overturned just 24 hours later. The Cupertino company reacted too sharply at first and then it subtly better. Perhaps it would be better to meditate a little more before causing these scares developers? Both they and the users we would benefit from it.

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