Leaked 4-inch iPhone packaging confirms the name “iPhone SE”



A new leak image appeared on the web about the Apple smartphone, this time not surprise us as much as the iPhone 7. Published by Sina Weibo,  is the 4-inch iPhone 4 inches due on Monday March 21. The picture shows part of the device specifications and confirm that the next iPhone “mini” iPhone will be called iPhone SE, as well as other specifications have been leaked.

Besides the name, other text that means any user of speaking and that may be of interest it is that the iPhone would have NFC chip, which would allow it to make payments with Apple Pay as you have to do smartphones Apple since the launch of iPhone 6 in 2014. As expected, the entry model is the 16GB capacity is insufficient for many but it serves another many users, especially if not stored music, movies or games large.

It is curious that so far we have not seen anything iPhone 4-inch box separate image. Typically see components of the device several months before, but the absence of leaks of iPhone SE components may mean that there is not much to show, in the sense that it will be an iPhone 6s but reduced in size. The other difference is expected that there will 3D Touch screen, but that is not an iPhone 100% assembled. Yes that the alleged front panel of the iPhone SE leak and that image showed differences that there will be no 3D Touch screen.

For everything else, it is expected that the next iPhone 4 inches is almost exactly like the larger models that were presented in September, including processor A9 by the co-processor M9, said NFC chip and 12MP camera that you can record 4K quality. Anyway finally we leave doubts on Monday from 19pm to Spain peninsula, 10am PDT.( via AppleInsider)

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