pixel 2

pixel 2

If there is a reliable source for news that covers everything related to Android and Google, that is Android Police. This time they have shown a leak image of the Google Pixel XL 2017, in which we can see a phone that follows the current trend of squeezable frame that cover almost the entire front screen, as expected after the boring and unoriginal Design of the first Pixel, widely criticized for resembling the iPhone too much.

Google Pixel 2017 brings the design changes that were demanded on the previous model, with a front almost completely occupied by the screen and a back where it emphasizes that there is no double camera.

Google has chosen to grow the terminal ahead of the 2016 version, from 5.5 to 6 inches. It will integrate a flat AMOLED panel manufactured by LG, without curves of the form in which we can find them in a Galaxy S8, but with a more aggressive 2.5D effect that call 3D so that the union with the lateral metal is very polished.

Android Police’s trust ratio on its source this time is 8 out of 10, which means that its source is very credible and only doubt if the design they show is completely finished, since they do not expect the terminal to be Present before October, as the company accustoms, coinciding many times with the launch of a new version of Android.

From the rear highlights the non-appearance of the double camera, the other great trend expected for this terminal, after the push and use that brands like Apple, LG or Huawei are making of it. The design is very similar to the previous year, with curved edges and the fingerprint reader in the same position and a lens that looks larger than normal but whose size is never indicative of the final quality or the size of the sensor.

As a feature of added value, the Google Pixel XL 2017 will also feature a squeezable or tight edge, as HTC has included in the HTC U11. This time, it will be used to run functions on Google Assistant. It makes sense, since for a long time Assistant was exclusive in the Google phone.

(Source: Android Police)

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