Leaked Image of iPhone 7 Design Confirmed Flush Camera And More



For the first time, the design of the iPhone 7 was leaked yesterday, next to one of the most controversial design changes in Apple’smartphone history, potential users should be prepared for a big surprise.

The French website NoWhereElse, home of prolific Onleaks leak site, has obtained the first schemes reveal iPhone 7 and Apple plans to introduce some changes, but not too many.

However, apart from the schemes, which OnLeaks states are “confirmed” filtering design reveals three key revelations.


1) There will be no bands for the Antenna: It has been rumored for quite some time that Apple is the architect of a “smart” innovative material that will eventually allow rid of lines or streaks antenna built into the back of their current iPhones.

Stripes or lines are cut into the aluminum chassis to prevent further reducing the signal strength in the design revealed can see how they have eliminated these lines or streaks, giving a much cleaner overall appearance to the device. In this way, it is expected to remain antenna bands at the top and bottom edges of the iPhone in July, which do not reveal technical sketches.

2) Improved Camera: It should be no surprise that the iPhone 7 comes equipped with enhanced as each new iPhone does the same camera, however, the diagram shows something Apple has not done in years: make the biggest module. The hole intended camera module is larger than the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 significantly.

Also it has moved closer to the edge of the terminal. A larger module does not necessarily indicate that protrude more than your current camera. In fact, the iPhone camera 7 will be completely flat, something that has not happened since the launch of the iPhone 5s.

3) Thinner Design: While the dimensions are not shown in the filtered images, NoWhereElse states that schemes iPhone 7 are marginally thinner than the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, models were fractionally thicker than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus.

Thinnest smartphone for users who prefer instead that companies will focus more on providing larger batteries. Samsung finally settled larger in the amazing Galaxy Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge battery, so Apple is practically forced to do the same in its next iPhone 7.

The camera hole is much larger than previous models. In any case, this render is a 4.7-inch iPhone 7, so not contradict the rumor that says that there will be a model with dual camera. All rumors say that the 4.7 inches iPhone 7 will come without this dual camera and it may be possible that only mount an 5.5 inches iPhone 7 that could be called iPhone 7 Pro. The larger size could mean increase in the number of megapixels, for example.

Moreover, all according to the French media, the iPhone showing this render is also slightly thinner than the iPhone 6 / 6s. This is a point that little or no interest to users or, if it does, it’s worse, because we all prefer a slightly thicker device that may include a battery that provides greater battery life.

As always, we have to take this picture with some degree of skepticism, but NowhereElse has already leaked many components of past iPhones and usually hit pretty in their leaks. I think sooner rather than later we will see the first real case of a iPhone 7. I hope it is the iPhone 7 Pro to know whether or not you will have the dual camera.

Source: NowhereElse.fr (Google Translate)

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