Leaked images hinted that Microsoft will announce a new Xbox One S console model during the E3 trade show being held in the US. The video game console will include quite interesting innovations that improve and pretty, the current device both in design and capacity.
Make it official the new Xbox One S is something that will happen in a few hours, and one of the great innovations that offer the new model is that it will be much smaller (Slim, hence the “s” after the name of the new variant) . As indicated, against current console, the new measures have 40% lower. Besides, you will have at least one variant and white lines are more eclectic.

Besides, there are other details that are interesting in the new Xbox One S, such as the power supply will be integrated into the device. Besides, and as you can see in the picture that we then everything indicates that the command will also evolve in appearance.


In the new Xbox One S will be substantial improvements in use. An example is the supported resolution will be heading. This will reach 4K, so it is perfectly combined with the most modern TVs that are on the market to get the best out. Additionally, support HDR (High Dynamic Range) will also be included, so that images are displayed on screen will be much better because, for example, the dynamic range is greatly favored.

Another new possibilities of the new console is that it will have a storage capacity much improved since the model could be announced at E3 would provide for nothing less than 2TB. This will allow the user to have installed more games and also a safe place additional multimedia content. By the way, the new Xbox One S can be placed either vertically or horizontally, which favors the power to place almost anywhere next to the TV.

(source: NeoGAF)

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