Leaked pictures of thinner Apple iMac design



In a forum topic on the Chinese website WeiPhone was earlier this month to read that Apple was planning to introduce a new iMac at an event later this month or next month. It would not be small internal hardware upgrade, but also a new design that is much thinner compared with the current generation. Besides the message appeared a picture where the logic board (motherboard) of the new iMac.

It is still unclear whether this picture is actually an iMac. MacRumors spoke to Kyle Wiens of iFixit on the photo and the expert concluded that the design of the logic board many similarities with the current iMac parts. One of the features of the present model is that there is a silver disk is found behind the layer components can be found, and this disc is also shown on the leaked photo. Other components like Bluetooth antenna, coolers and hard drive were also much like to have the internal design of the current and previous iMac models.

Earlier this year there were a lot of rumors about a new design of the iMac Mini, and there were even rumors that this model would feature a Retina display, just like the most expensive 15-inch MacBook Pro models have appeared later that this is due to technical limitations would not be feasible. The back of the iMac thinner this time would have been more in the form of a drop of water instead of the rounded corners of the current model. In the article on the website is also stated that the screen of the new iMac is glued to the glass. This should ensure that the quality of the screen improved, because the two panels are placed closer together, it would also have to ensure that dust is no longer behind the glass is nesting.


According to the latest reports, Apple will first release the new 21.5-inch model, this model will be equipped with new Intel hardware and a new housing. The new 27-inch model will be some time in coming, now would there production problems with the lamination of the larger screen and glass. Both models will be more expensive than current models, but it is unclear whether the current models still remain, or that all models are replaced.

Besides all the rumors about the new iMac, it seems also that Apple is still working with a 13-inch version of the MacBook Pro with Retina display. This new model would now be assembled in Mexico, and the production in China later this month due to start. Internally, the 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina known as “D1”, which is in line with the code name “D2”, later the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display turned out to be.

Shortly before the weekend already knew AllThingsD reported that Apple on October 23 has deliberate an experience the place the iPad Mini could be introduced, in our view, this may even be the adventure the place the brand new Mac fashions are offered. The bulletins of the Mac fashions are most incessantly not up to that of the iOS merchandise, Apple may make a decision to not enter the object than it appears to be obtrusive that right through any other unannounced press experience will occur.

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